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BOOK #1…LOVE’S RESURRECTION: its power to roll away fear’s heaviest stone


"The battle between fear and love is one we often feel. Dan Held uses a lifetime of reflection on important theological issues to argue love can win that battle! This book is chock full of insights about God, life, and hope!"


Thomas Jay Oord, Author of The Uncontrolling Love of God, God Can't, and many more books.


"In this fascinating spiritual autobiography, through his lens as a pastor/psychotherapist, Dan Held considers his own spiritual awakenings while also exploring the spiritual awakenings in the history of the USA. He wraps both journeys around his evolving biblical understanding of salvation and the movement from fear to love. He calls us to follow Jesus on the path of love to the cross, always choosing agape love over fear. A pivotal work for our time, calling not only each of us, but our country to step beyond fear into God’s embrace."

Nancy Flinchbaugh, Author of Letters from the Earth, Revelation at the Labyrinth, and Revelation in the Cave

“We live in fearful times.  ‘Love’s Resurrection,’ a spiritual autobiography by Dan Held, is a beacon of hope for these troubling times.  Drawing on his experiences as a psychotherapist and pastor, Dan gives a new vision to those who believe that “perfect love casts out fear.  This book gives the reader many rewards and I strongly recommend it.”


Rev. Michael H. Mahoney, Retired Elder, 

United Methodist Church


“Dan Held grew up accepting the theology of his childhood. However, through three great awakenings, he dug deep into the truths of these beliefs in the light of his life experience. His book, Love’s Resurrection: It’s Power to Roll Away Fear’s Heaviest Stone, is the story of his spiritual journey from fear to love and its implications for the church and our deeply-divided nation. Those who have the courage to question the “truths” they are taught … to challenge their fear in order to find a deeper truth … a love that resonates with their souls … will appreciate and be inspired by Dan’s quest.”

Linda A. Marshall, Author of A Long Awakening to Grace: a memoir of loss and discovery.


BOOK #2….REDEEMIING GETHSEMANE: when our age of loneliness meets a woke church 

“Redeeming Gethsemane relates real life experiences to scripture to overcome loneliness and challenges us to wake up and live out the Gospel.  Dan Held skillfully weaves these experiences to make the scripture come alive in new ways.  A great study book!” 

 -- Donald L.Hayashi, past Associate General Secretary, General Council on Ministries of the United Methodist Church


"Dan Held offers an antidote to loneliness: hope. Using Gethsemane, the stories of Scripture, and the words of Jesus, Held paints a portrait of renewal desperately needed today. As a bonus, discussion questions make the book ideal for group study. Gethsemane gives hope!" 

 -- Thomas Jay Oord, author of The Uncontrolling Love of God and numerous other books


       "Rev. Held is very caring and knowledgeable."

       "He's incredibly empathetic and insightful. He helped me through a lot of my confusions with life and I'm very grateful to have spoken with Rev. Held"

       "He has goals . . . but seems to be more interested in undercovering the issues of the couple and as individuals that simply forcing things into a 'box'. I greatly appreciate his earnestness."

       "Rev. Held is a great therapist, he helped me learn how to deal with my anxiety and stress."

        "I don't write many reviews but Rev. Held helped me a lot he had great methods and material to help get over my issues."

         "Rev. Held provides a beautiful balance of encouragement and challenge of growth. He is available and present. He listens and shows genuine care for me, my struggles and mental health."

"Professional & Patient"

"Rev Held has been so kind and understanding. He allows me to get my feelings and thoughts out without ever interrupting. He has my full confidence."

"Divine Intervention at it’s finest- I’ve never felt so understood and appreciated! Excellent listener and encouraging Christian heart. Feeling Blessed!"

"Rev. Held is compassionate and always has new ways of looking at problems to make them more manageable. He is a very good listener and takes in consideration the "whole" picture."

"Rev. Held was always flexible with our schedule and provided excellent guidance, through advice and resources provided, to work through challenges in our relationship. He is a dedicated listener, attempts to relate to the client, and we felt he understood our primary concerns. He realizes when to offer praise and when to offer constructive solutions."

“This was my first experience with faithful counseling and with video counseling in general. Dan was great to work with and very helpful. Dan has a lot of experience and I am very thankful for the wisdom he shared with my wife and I. He was very quick to respond when I reached out and was very accommodating with our schedule. I’m very thankful for his insight and his biblical wisdom. After each video session he would send a write up of what we discussed and next steps moving forward. This was super helpful to be able to read over during the week between sessions and to be able to think over those things at my own pace. It was a very helpful counseling experience. Thank you.”

“Rev Held is a great listener and gives great advice.”

“Rev. Held is a great listener and is intuitive in his follow-ups after our video sessions, providing 'homework' reading for me to help myself with. He does not seem to poke and pry much, rather listen and guide. I do not leave sessions feeling judged, only encouraged. I also feel he has an understanding of artists and how they fit (or rather don't always fit well) into society, so in this sense I feel 'seen.'”

“Very helpful and professional. He listens and helps with everything I talk about. He genuinely cares.”

“You know I was so hesitant to be paired with a Christian counselor, I've repeated it often enough. But if there IS, in fact, a god, I thank him/her/pick a pronoun I got you.”

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