Testimonials posted in BetterHelp.com

"Rev. Held is compassionate and always has new ways of looking at problems to make them more manageable. He is a very good listener and takes in consideration the "whole" picture."

"Rev. Held was always flexible with our schedule and provided excellent guidance, through advice and resources provided, to work through challenges in our relationship. He is a dedicated listener, attempts to relate to the client, and we felt he understood our primary concerns. He realizes when to offer praise and when to offer constructive solutions."

"I've only had a few sessions with Rev. Held but I find him to be very receptive to my needs and he offers a tremendous amount of support."

"I was so unhappy when I saw better help matched me with a reverend... I gave him a chance despite my biases and I am so happy I did! It was the best therapy experience I’ve had yet. He is a kind and compassionate person and nothing like the people I associate with church and religion. I hope you give him a chance too."

"He really cares about my problems and sends helpful worksheets and tips to dealing with my issues."


Private tele-mental health counseling services for individuals and couples experiencing anxiety, depression, and relational conflicts ........... available through Sondermind Healthcare. 



 Ohio residents may ask for Dan Held and receive a free 15-minute phone consultation by calling (844) 843-7279

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Public Speaking for Churches, Schools, and Service Orgs available at nominal fees plus travel.  Call:  (937) 475-2357

Available Topics

Faith, Doubt, and Mental Health in the 2020's. 

How  to change our self-talk from faith in fear & doubt in love to faith in love & doubt in fear and greatly reduce our own anxiety and depression.


America's Next Great Awakening?

How to replace our national Fear story with a newer Love story 





Love's Resurrection: how to manage our worst fears in the 21st century   

Learn the latest in practical skills to


'manage anxiety about today's


most common stressors.  

​Redeeming Gethsemane: repairing the disconnect between Christ and His Church


This 20 minute talk will share important research in small group models for connecting Christian disciples to overcome fear's top 5 temptations. 

Dan Held Public Speaking
Loving Influence: how to succeed when Fearful Control has failed.


This 20 minute talk will focus on the top 5 ways to influence others through the power of love.   This session will unpack and deconstruct the meanings behind Romans 12:10,  "love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor."

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