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I felt helpless.


It was our second day at a south Florida resort during our respite from the Ohio cold and I awakened to our dog’s plea to get outside onto a patch of grass. I’d just put the coffee in to brew and had my customary glass of water. Shoes were on. Out we went. Down the elevator. Out onto the grass.


Forgot something. My key to our unit was in my other pants’ pocket. I couldn’t get back in and Sue is a very sound sleeper. No cell phone on me to even call her with.


Nobody around at 7 a.m. but me. Office a mile away opens at 8 a.m.

I felt helpless.


I spotted the Housekeeping office door open next to garage.

Knock knock. No hobla espanol.

Now what?

But Jesus appeared. That’s right. Jesus. Bilingual Jesus. Who understood my plea for help and had the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. Able to restore me, and our dog, to our rightful place in the world. Up the elevator we rode to where Jesus could use his key card to let us back in to our unit.

Saved! Thank you, Jesus. “Mucho gracis Senor Jesus!” My only words.

So here’s today’s question for all of us. Do we ever feel helpless to return to our rightful place in this world?

And some follow-up questions to ponder. Do we ever need a God-man bi-lingual savior who can understand our plight and help us get back to where we belong? And, if so, does Christmas mean God sends us the help we need the most when we’re feeling our own helplessness in this world? The help we pray for at such a time?

I cannot answer for you, but as for me it is clear. This morning my most fervent “God, help me” prayer was answered.

By Senor Jesus.

The bi-lingual housekeeping worker who came to save me from my own helplessness. And restore me to my rightful place in our world. Today's free "university" education for me.

Thank you, Jesus!

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