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Maybe you’ve had that problem.


Maybe you’ve had an aging parent who should no longer be driving.


If so………and, yes, I have suffered through it with my own aging mother years ago…….you know how hard it can be.   “But I’ve been driving for 75 years now and never had an accident.”   That’s one of several excuses you may have heard.   And it may even be true.   Past driving records are always grist for this particular mill.


Turns out the Democrats are now scared to ride with Grandpa.    What to do?   What to do?    Their POTUS nominee swears he can still drive.  Cites his own driving record.  No accidents.   “I’ve always been a good driver.  I can still drive.  You don’t have anything to be afraid of.”  


The family’s not so convinced.    “You kill somebody and there goes our inheritance. Everything we’ve worked for all these years will be down the tubes.”


So now what?


The anti-dote to fear is reassurance based on confirmed evidence.   Back when my own aging mother was in the driver’s seat, I voiced my need for such with a request for her to simply take a drive with an officer from the license bureau who’d be in the best position to judge.   (This was after I was through ever riding with her again myself.)


Nothing doing!


No such reassurance.  My fear continued.


Thankfully, where Mom was concerned, it was her oldest granddaughter who finally saved the day.   “Grandma, you’d had an almost perfect driving record to look back on.  Why not quit while you’re ahead?   That way nobody could ever say someday that you were a bad driver.”  


Bingo!  Grandma handed over her car keys and never drove again.


The Democrats could do worse than to see what their current nominee’s grandkids want to hear folks saying about Grandpa’s illustrious career.   Those who carry on the family name may prefer being judged by what Grandpa did best, not worst, in the past.   That’s up to Grandpa.  And if it’s time to take away his proverbial car-keys, who’s to say the favorite Grandchild won’t come closer than anyone else to playing the role of “Lord Almighty.”


If that works, then the burden clearly shifts.


The Republicans will need to figure out how to get the keys away from their POTUS nominee before he gets it going up to 120 mph while again playing on his cell phone.  


Otherwise, come 11/5/24, we’ll be choosing which driver to ride with.   Grandpa puttering along at 50 in the passing lane or the felon going 120 and using his phone while in the far right lane approaching someone else’s unfortunate on-ramp.  And even if we don't have to ride with either one, we'll at least have to choose which "other driver" we'd rather share the highway with as we continue our own American journey.

Which one will we feel safer driving next to, assuming nobody can get their keys away?

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